Amazon Kindle Lighted Leather Cover

Your Kindle won’t be complete without a protective cover. Gadgets like this one, when inserted in a cover are easier to carry. You can bring it with you around, put it inside your bag, and leave it on the couch or other places without worrying. With Kindle leather cover, you’re gadget is protected and safe.

Handy and Functional Kindle Lighted Leather Cover by Amazon

amazon kindle lighted cover redAmazon Kindle Leather Lighted Cover is a latest designed cover for Kindles built-in with a small light. It can illuminate your Kindle to help you read anything with convenience. You can slide it away anytime if you don’t want your Kindle lighted.

The pebble-grain and contoured texture of the leather by this Kindle cover keeps you gadget secured. You need not worry of having screen scratches since its charcoal microfiber interiors are very soft. You can also fold this Kindle holder allowing you to read with just one hand. It is available in seven different colors. You can choose from black, burnt orange, chocolate brown, green, hot pink, steel blue and burgundy red.

How Does this Kindle Lighted Leather Cover Works?

amazon kindle lighted cover red in a boxWith its featured LED reading light, Kindle lets you read anywhere at any time even if it is dark. Reading your Kindle has never been this portable and functional. The superior LED light illuminates your Kindle to brighten up its paper-like display without adding glare. This led light is part of the cover of your Kindle. Just pull the light out when you need it then slide it back when not in use. It does not require you to put batteries since it gets the power source from your Kindle’s battery.

Amazon Kindle Leather Lighted Cover is a portable gadget protector you can bring anywhere. It is not bulky, it is light, it protects your Kindle and it comes is various colors to match your preference. This Kindle cover is an ideal protective accessory for your most precious gadget.

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