Chikka Wallet Review

I guess most of us know what is, and we had seen the company grow and expand its services. Just recently, I had the chance to experience one of their services called chikka wallet.

What is Chikka Wallet?

Chikka wallet is a service that allows you to buy credits using your Paypal Funds and use this credits to avail some of chikka services and offers.

My Chikka Wallet experience

From time to time, I buy prepaid credits to replenish my Globe tattoo or Smart Bro SIMs, and since I worked in a different time zone, buying prepaid load from my suking tindahan is not possible anymore. This need made me search for a service that would allow me to buy prepaid loads using my paypal funds.

How to use buy prepaid credits

Buying prepaid loads using chikka wallet is really simple and easy. Here’s how…

  1. Go to and proceed to create an account
  2. Verify your email address.
  3. Buy credits using your paypal account. You will be presented with the usual Paypal screen where you will enter your login information.
  4. Once loaded, you can then proceed to buy load for your prepaid account.

For new members, credit limit is set to just $5.00, this will increase depending on your member level.

Problems encountered

  • Due to fraud protection, my account was locked due to my IP address was tagged as banned, I was then asked to email them some credentials. This is the time when I used a prepaid Smart Bro connection. I had created another account when connected with SBW, and the problem was solved.
  • Loading of Prepaid internet account (Smart bro Prepaid, Sun Broadband Prepaid etc..) is not possible. You will receive a message telling you that the number you entered is invalid. In this case, I just used a regular smart, sun SIM using the service and transfer the load to my internet broadband SIMs.

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3 Responses to Chikka Wallet Review

  1. jerome says:

    pd nyokong turuin kung pano mag load

  2. kaye says:

    Tried to load $4.50 = Php150 to my suncellular prepaid
    but I did not receive the load until now. It’s almost 3 hours from the time I sent the load. I did not receive a refund either. I’m seeing that the amount has been taken out of my chikka wallet account already.
    The details were all correct as I tried this before the default cell# just comes out.
    Tried to email them my complaint using the email add hope they’ll act on it soon.

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