Free Android Better Keyboard and Smart Keyboard Skins

Better keyboard and Smart Keyboard are two of the known names when it comes to keyboard customization for Android phones. The default Android and HTC keyboards are ok, but better and smart keyboards offer an improved user experience in the field of touch input.

If you own either or both keyboards, I would love to recommend the below Girly keyboard skins for you to try :)

Girly Android keyboard Skins For Smart keyboard and better keyboard

I own the smart keyboard pro, but I can use most better keyboard skins, I think the ones developed by better Android are the ones that cannot be used on both.

GUM Pink Better Keyboard Skin

GUM Keyboard SkinI super love this keyboard skin, pink and so girly :)
Keys are spaced just enough to provide a better touch typing experience. Works and looks perfectly on my HTC Desire
Download GUM

Glow Legacy Red Keyboard Skin

red keyboard skin
I use this from time to time.. depending on my mood :). Features a neon glow which is red in color. Other colors available.
Download Legacy Red

Avatar Purple Better Keyboard Skin

purple keyboard skin
Purple is my fav color! This is the one I am using right now.. just to have a rest on my fav GUM skin :). It comes with different colors too, like green, red , orange etc.. Uploading pics…
Download Avatar Purple Skin

Will update this post from time to time to add new pretty keyboard skins. Enjoy!

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