How to Apply For a Globe GCash ATM Card

Few weeks ago I received this text notification from Globe that Gcash now has its own ATM Card. I immediately went to the link provided and applied for my own personalized Globe GCash ATM Card.

How to apply for a Globe GCash ATM Card

Application for the Gcash card is easy. You just need to fill up the GCash card application form located here. Just supply the required information, pay the 100 and your done. Processing takes approximately 3 weeks as stated on their website.

Upon application, your Gcash account will be deducted Php100.00 so make sure that your account is loaded with the said amount.

Gcash Card

Just today, few minutes ago, I received my very own Gcash ATM Card. This should allow me to withdraw Gcash funds on any ATM machines nationwide,which is  more convenient than waiting in line at Globe service centers.

To know more about Gcash or If you want to avail your own customized Globe Gcash ATM Card, you can visit their site at

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8 Responses to How to Apply For a Globe GCash ATM Card

  1. gelo says:

    kainis ah sayabg yung 100 hur hur

  2. gelo says:

    why my g cash card has not yet delivered to me?

  3. i want to apply for a gcash card

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  7. igoydude says:

    this is cool and convenient rather than joining the never ending queue on globe centers.

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