Stay Online 24/7 Through Smart Netphone

In the rise of the demand to stay connected online using cellphones, Smart Communications Inc. has recently launched Smart Netphone 701. What makes this Netphone different from other mobile phones is its SmartNet application. It allows you to use Smart services conveniently anytime. It is an ideal gadget for people who always want to stay connected online. You can access Facebook, Twitter and chat with your friends for free. You don’t have to get WiFi access since it’s powered by SmartNet, you can browse online easily.

Smart Netphone retail price is P9,900.  It is a reasonable price for an Android Phone with functional applications.

Image from Smart

Social Networking Powered by Smart

Access your favorite social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook using Smart Netphone. Enjoy your social streaming and update you status, comments, tweets and other social updates hassle-free. You can even chat with your friends with just one-click away. This Netphone social stream will be free until December 31, 2011.

Through Smart Netphone, you can combine your Facebook and Twitter account using MyGroups social networking. Anywhere you go, you can keep in touch or stay connected with your friends anytime. You don’t have to worry about being charged when browsing online. Smart Netphone 701 is featured with Safe Internet Browsing. It lets you enjoy browsing Netphone applications featured by Smart without paying a centavo.

Postpaid Plan and Prepaid Option

You can get this new product from Smart in Prepaid or Postpain Plan. You have various options to choose from depending on your usage preference and budget. Check out these prepaid and postpaid Netphone plan from Smart.

Postpaid Plan

Prepaid Plan

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